The Best Baby Shower Invitation Wording for FREE

Looking for the best ideas for your baby shower invitation wording for your upcoming event?  You have come to the right place.    We provide our readers with a huge variety of options when it comes to finding the right wording for the big day!  here you will find endless resources that your can use for free for your baby shower wording needs from diaper invitations to poems and more.

Whether you have a special theme, want to create and print your own invitations or just want a few ideas for the exact right words, you will find it all on this website.  As your browse the pages for the perfect invitations keep a close eye on the colors, themes, phrases, and shapes used to help you pick one that really fits your needs.

Save Money with Homemade Baby Shower Invitation Wording VS Store Bought

Not sure if you should make your own invitations or just buy from a store or designer?  You do not need to be a graphic artist to develop a basic card that will catch the attention of your guests, match your overall theme, and insure that everyone knows where to go!

What you need to create your own invitations:

  • A computer
  • Printer
  • Card stock or nice printer paper
  • Theme

Once you take some time to figure out what your shower theme is your can then sit down at a computer to create your own.  So choosing your the theme for your party is the first place to start and can give you direction in the proper wording.  If this is really just not an option your can find cheap cards at Walmart or Target.  If you want something a bit more custom, websites like Cafe Press or Zazzle have designs that users have uploaded for a variety of different occasions.  They do cost, but there are a lot of creative designs that you can purchase.

Find The Right Wording for Your Project

baby shower invitation wordingMost likely you are here because you want to create your own unique invitation that you can later store in the baby book and keep as a memento for many years as a small token of your love for your new little bundle of joy.  In reality there are not RIGHT or WRONG words it all really comes down to your personality.  Do you want humorous or funny wording?  Are you the sentimental type?  Is there a jungle theme to your shower?  Maybe, you are a sports fanatic and want to use a picture of a football?  Do you have some basic Photoshop skills and want to place an image of your baby on the invitations.  Maybe this is a last minute ditch effort and you will download the fist FREE baby invitation you can find!

Ask yourself those questions and that will give you a good starting point on what direction your should head.

No doubt you have begun thinking about this day from the moment you first found out that you were pregnant and started reading Baby Center for the first time.

So take your time browsing through the various pages and ideas located on this website and download a couple of our baby shower invitation wording pdf files for free!  Go ahead and use any one of the invitations on this site for your special day!  If you know the exact theme of your shower or if you are still investigating a proper theme please feel free to view some of our different themes to help get you started.
Also, keep in mind that a fun baby shower gift is a diaper cake.